Translating your business strategy

I  translate the work of STEM industries into digital designs that inspire, engage and align to business goals. I produce business storytelling, graphics, websites, UX services, and videos using my experience in engineering, business operations, advertising, and graphic design. I am a dedicated constant learner.  Recent graphic work.

Corporate Video

I  tell the stories of engineers to machines operators in the STEM industries.  I am a disciplined student of a story and graphic technology, always improving my craft.  My focus is to engage people in humanistic stories that can change a corporate culture or build brand allegiance. Most of my work is under NDA. Demo Reels

DEMO Reels

Corporate Storytelling for STEM industries   Making the complex engaging
Demo, Video Journalism, Please ask to see private link for storytelling for industrial corporate

Infographics for technology companies

I take engineering ideas, data, or tracking metrics and turn them into graphic or technical documents that the audience can quickly grasp. Using databases, Excel, Illustrator, PowerPoint, online corporate enterprise solutions and interviews to create Metrics reports,  infographics, technical writing and technical drawings. My best contibutions come in the area where technology and business and design overlap.

Brand & Logos

I execute your companies brand.  Here is work below where I collaborated with business owners to develop the brand. In my brand work, I uncover business needs, understand the target audience and incorporate what I learned into a bigger vision.

Small Business Web Creation & Hosting

I use UX design practices in web design: planning, research, wireframes and mood boards.   I use:

Project Management Examples 

Much of the work I do is long-term campaigns in the Tech industry.

  • Created and produced 30 live multi-media communication program weekly for GE senior leadership and corporate officers. The goal was to address employee concerns, communicate commercial updates, and share innovations.
  • Architected the documentation system for the creation, dissemination and archiving of contractual documents for a $400 million fiber optic network installation project for NYC’s Metropolitan Transit Authority.
  • Created all sales bids proposing environmental graphics aligned with client’s branding, created budgets and menus for vending courts and corporate cafe plans.
  • Coordinated, archived and quality assured all the drawings for a telephony switching system for MCI as a consultant for Hanson’s Engineering in Wayne, NJ.
  • Created document control process and a Document Management Plan with workflow policies and procedures for Siemens Transportation.

More on Skills & Software.

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