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How I do Social Media for my farm, quickly

My husband has a farm, Good Things Grow Here. I create the farms brand and social posts. Just five years ago, supporting the brand took too much time, but now with the addition of Adobe Apps, Creative Cloud Libraries, and cell phones, there is no reason why I cannot create a post daily. Here are my tips for quick social media using Adobe Apps and Adobe Creative Cloud. You do not have to own Adobe Creative Cloud to use the apps, but your full potential and integration into design software will not be included.

  • Also, add any great photos and color palettes to the CC library on your phone for use later on the computer.
  • Download all of the Adobe Apps, and learn them all, they all integrate back into Adobe CC
  • Create image posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with Adobe Post.
  • Create longer stories with multimedia with Spark Page.
  • Spark Video is very quick and easy to use, with storytelling templates.
  • Check out this video I made: A Lucky Day
    Show your story. Make an impact — In minutes.
    Download Spark Video for free here.

Muse Review

This project was a collaboration with another designer.  Muse was a larger learning curve than I expected, but I did not use tutorials to learn, I just intuitively learned the program, not my usual approach.  I found if very easy to collaborate, and the entire experience in the software rewarding.  Here is a screenshot, but the actual site in for an internal corporate audience.

“Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts”

HR People and Strategy is a publication by executives and thought leaders in Human Resources. Attached is 2011’s “Perspective Editor” section about good stories being a good business communication technique.

I love how Peter Guber starts off his articles “Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.” These days companies need to humanize not only the brand but the day-to-day relationships. Diverse teams may need to build respect and trust if lacking.

We are all  competing with a local to global market to become a leaders  in local food production to winners in the next industrial era . To facilitate understanding, relationships and to go fast, people need to embrace a new way of being. Business storytelling can inspire innovations, sales, and cultural change.

See attached article extracted from HR People & Strategy where thought leaders comment on Guber’s “Telling Purposeful Stories: An Organization’s Most Under-utilized Competency.”

Micheal Margolis provided this article to his students at This is an online learning community for storytellers.


How I translate engineer’s work into storytelling

In my work at StoryU, I was told to tighten up my own story with my process on how I do communications and storytelling for and about engineers. I was to list of 3 to 5 points on how exactly I speak “engineer.”

It has always felt very natural. I am comfortable in most conversations about engineering and processes even when I have little background info.

This was a fantastic idea, and I am starting to work on this now. Here is a first draft.

How I speak “Engineer” about my main topic (machine, process or person)

1. Find out the main goals or initiatives of the group and the related corporate-wide initiatives for the company, such as GE’s “New Industrial Company.” Research the different levels of leaders to see what they are saying about the topic, then find out the main subject of your story fits in, or locate you subject in the big story. Ask yourself how the person, machine or process fits into company goals. GE white papers by the GE economist have been my best resource for the macro level. I start to pay attention to global issues around this, great learning and creativity takes place once you can situate your small subject into the whole. This knowledge drives editing decisions on an intuitive level.

2. Know that asking questions is fundamental to how an engineer solves problems. Be brave and start to ask the obvious questions, soon you will be in a deep dive and you will follow the flow of ideas.

3. By Following the flow of the ideas, you will uncover the engineering’s passions, tie a question back to the work, you will find the story here. Try not to dominate or talk about yourself. You will miss stuff.

4. Talk to diverse people to get the story straight, an engineering manager, an engineer from another group, a designer, an operator, a manufacturing leader. These people will bring better understanding to the primary story and let you tell the story better.

5. Revisit you Macro/Micro view of the world, company, economy, goals, group, team, machine, person.

6. Happily Network. Always network and make new acquaintances everyday. This is another way to connect dots, people, places and things. Always be enthusiastic about learning new things and meeting new people. People are more fun and more open and more relaxed if they feel you get them.

Finally, some tips for tweaking the final product. You will see the company’s core beliefs or initiatives come thru, specifically point those out. Give the viewer a take-a-way, they want this.

Post a Video Everyday Self-Challenge

Yesterday i began my challenge.  One video per day until May 12th.  If I create one at work that will count too, and I’ll just post the accomplishment here.  Video Number One.


Here is the first video that made a few days ago that made me realize I could quickly produce.  I used many tools, some are the highest professional consumer level, other tools are quick and dirty.