“Lots for Sale”

Comp for mailer advertising property for sales
Comp for mailer advertising property for sales

This is a design created for a Greenville, SC builder who has some extra lots for sale. The property will be valuable to another builder. One of the owners had the monopoly concept prior, and I rearranged some graphics and made the piece print ready. I will coordinate the printing. Other services I could provide include mailing list research/compilation, addressing and shipping.

Binder Templates/Branding

I am updating the line of marketing material for a firm in Greenville, who builds systems for job order contracting (JOC). Design was based off a combination of website design and one piece which was office favorite. From this I am building a cohesive branding system.

Created in Indesign and translated all this work to Word with text formatting. I found these images which I think express the energy and benefit of the company. this company helps large infrastructure quickly locate and hire contractors for small jobs and save time.




Commemorating my Grandma’s Life

A card to celebrate Wilma Theresa Senduik (Zavatsky)
A card to celebrate Wilma Theresa Senduik (Zavatsky)

I love what I do, but when I create graphics for my family I am astounded by the healing of myself and others which it can provide. Grandma died on what the Christians from the West consider the Ascension of Jesus. Grandma would have loved this.

You can remember your Grandma with this beautiful card which Wilma’s grandaughter, Jennifer made

priests comments at the church service