Social Media

How I do Social Media for my farm, quickly

My husband has a farm, Good Things Grow Here. I create the farms brand and social posts. Just five years ago, supporting the brand took too much time, but now with the addition of Adobe Apps, Creative Cloud Libraries, and cell phones, there is no reason why I cannot create a post daily. Here are my tips for quick social media using Adobe Apps and Adobe Creative Cloud. You do not have to own Adobe Creative Cloud to use the apps, but your full potential and integration into design software will not be included.

  • Also, add any great photos and color palettes to the CC library on your phone for use later on the computer.
  • Download all of the Adobe Apps, and learn them all, they all integrate back into Adobe CC
  • Create image posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with Adobe Post.
  • Create longer stories with multimedia with Spark Page.
  • Spark Video is very quick and easy to use, with storytelling templates.
  • Check out this video I made: A Lucky Day
    Show your story. Make an impact — In minutes.
    Download Spark Video for free here.