Drawing for others; a surprise creative and therapeutic outlet

drawing for my husband a full time organic micro farmer.
drawing for my husband a full time organic micro farmer.


I have been enjoying making “caring cards” for people at my Fellowship. In fact, I was proud to be featured in the weekly program “The Spark” as an example of how listening to the weekly message while drawing is therapeutic and powerful. I find drawing and meditating on a person who will receive my card wishing them good health, a new job, letting them know I am thinking of them is a creative time for me. Here is a birthday card I created for the organic farmer at www.goodthingsgrowhere.com. He loved it.


WOW’ing with facepainting

facepaiitingWhile visiting my daughter’s school I noticed a big gap in the volunteer sign-up sheet for face painting at the upcoming Fall Festival. Fall Festival is a big deal to my school-spirited daughter. I was asked if I could paint faces. I have never painted faces but I said, “Of course” (my art teacher mom would show up after-all).

I learned that people can do anything now. After a quick search on the internet and a few shopping trips, I had a poster board and my kits prepared. My mom, the award winning art teacher/artist, surprised me. She was very nervous and even gave excuses to the kids about the paints being too thin and her dissatisfaction with her work. I encouraged her and determinedly said, “We can do it Mom, just look at the board samples.”

After a few faces completed my Mom became very confident while I worked hard on my knees on the concrete. Our line was long and we were swamped very quickly. It was a gratifying day. I received the best thank you letter from Tigerville Elementary PTA “Wow, Just Wow…” My goal is always to “wow”, but I have never revived two “Wows”.

So with a little research and a little bravery I learned it is easy to succeed at something just a little bit new. Here is some of my work: