Hi, I'm Jennifer Kouyoumjian. I'm a seasoned Visual Communicator and Strategic Integrated Marketer with a proven track record of driving impactful marketing initiatives. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, I have evolved into a visionary leader adept at orchestrating comprehensive marketing strategies that elevate brand presence and engagement.
I have spearheaded numerous high-profile campaigns, blending creativity with strategic insights to deliver exceptional results. My expertise spans various domains, including fire protection, eCommerce, engineering, manufacturing, and volunteerism. I excel in bringing business ideas to life and showcasing industries and their people in the best light.
As a creative and marketing manager, I drive innovation and excellence in every project. Whether it's celebrating inventors, showcasing factories, or producing compelling video stories.
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My daughter an I, several years ago, on the balcony of The Newseum is an interactive museum that promotes free expression and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, while tracing the evolution of communication.
My "CliftonStrengths for Leaders":
Strategic: I identify patterns and opportunities and craft strategies that align with long-term business goals.
Learner: My passion for continuous learning ensures I stay ahead of trends, & advancements and am informed.
Achiever: I am internally driven to do things and do them well.
Activator: I excel at turning ideas into action and motivating teams to execute plans enthusiastically.
Maximizer: I understand how to get the best out of people, resources, myself, and things.
Intellection: I enjoy deep thinking and reflection, which enhances my problem-solving capabilities.
Connectedness: I understand the interconnections within the business landscape, people, and planet. I foster meaningful relationships and collaborations and understand the impact of my actions.
Positivity: My optimistic outlook and can-do attitude inspire and energize those around me.
Input: I have a voracious appetite for information, which enriches my creative and strategic endeavors.
Individualization: I recognize the unique qualities of each team member, and I maximize their potential.
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