Advertising Campaigns Management, Direction, & Creation
Print Advertising Campaigns for Reliable Fire Protection Products: Ads like these were published in over ten trade publications in every edition. As the creative lead, I conceptualized the campaign with my counterpart, the Marketing Director. I handled all photography and photo editing/compositing, created layouts according to Reliable Brand standards, and collaborated with teams to finalize the copy and details.
Fire Protection product advertisements and posters for a global audience run in trade publications (above and below). I manage collaboration on teams with Planner, Creative Briefs, and Adobe CC
Packing Design, Shipping Box Design, and Point of Purchase 
Design of Shipping box for line
Design of Shipping box for line
Designed POP and packaging
Designed POP and packaging
Created Design concept, final drawings and graphics, and this photo.
Created Design concept, final drawings and graphics, and this photo.
Video Creation for Corporate Story Telling
Celebrating inventors, showcasing factories, testimonials, history mini-documentaries, high-speed cameras, and product video stories. I firmly believe there is a place for quick 30-second smartphone videos and all production values in between for different applications.

Behind the Scenes with an inventor-minded Design Engineer. 
I shot, edited, and animated, and Richard Kouyoumjian wrote the music for the intro.

I managed the production with Kevin Anderson of Strategic Media, who handled the story arc, direction, and shooting/editing. Richard Kouyoumjian was the sound editor and score creator. Despite input from leaders in every function, it wasn't until I saw a fun, fast-paced video from Kio University in Tokyo featuring quick music and scene changes that I knew how to shoot this complex story.

I gathered and organized 100 years' worth of images, then animated these to tell
the "An Americant Story" of Reliable Automatic Sprinkler.  

I learned to use a complex slo-mo camera and edited the footage to show activated sprinklers and valves.
Music by Richard Kouyoumjian

A behind-the-scenes video telling the story behind a new product offering

One of a series of employee testimonials. I shot, edited, and distributed these videos on paid social media. Employees, incentivized by HR, also shared the videos. The series featured well-liked employees, demonstrating that featuring employees internally or externally is a fantastic way to build engagement and visibility. People with good stories to tell, whether about products or their roles, make fantastic, authentic brand ambassadors for companies that treat their people well.

Digital Ads: Part of various
Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Display Ads: Planning, Creation, and Distribution via Hootsuite,
and creating tools for Tracking via UTMs and landing page creation. 
Internal and External Communications for Engineering Companies
(Above) Marketing collateral, brochures, advertisements, folders, and engineering proposals. I designed graphics and layout for print production aligning with business goals and specifications. 2007-2010

(above) Poster to accompany the fun and informative video series I produced for internal audiences to learn about the "digital thread"

(Above) Older samples for informational graphics for various technical projects including technical drafting, bid documents, process diagrams, and maps and infographics. (1997-2019)
Infographic for UX Processes 
This was a personal exercise.  I conducted self-directed learning in User Experience and User Design, reading several books and taking many tutorials.  I created this infographic to explain the six steps in User Experience design.

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