I am a hands-on, creative leader with a strategic and holistic vision.  This work below results from my creative leadership and strong collaboration and uses all of my skills: writing, photography, design & layout, management, and formal discipline in creative advertising.
I design to sell, teach, entertain and engage customers and employees in the STEAM fields. I use a broad array of skills and education in the development of strategic campaigns.
Fire Protection product advertisements for a global audience run in trade publications (above and below).  I assemble the Creative Brief to spec, then photograph, edit, write, and layout the work.  Team collaborations from various departments help finalize and check final drafts. I have created a lot of processes over the years to help with the different kinds of problems a team can have.
Display Ads
(above) Marketing collateral, brochures, advertisements, folders, and engineering proposals.  I designed graphics, layout for print production according to business goals and specifications. 

(above) Poster to accompany the fun and informative video series I produced for internal audiences to learn about the "digital thread"

(Above) Transit authority proposals, technical drawings, process diagrams, tracking graphics, maps drawn in illustrator
This was a personal exercise.  I conducted self-directed learning in User Experience and User Design, reading several books and taking many tutorials.  I created this infographic to explain the six steps in User Experience design.

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